Analyst expertise

Buy single analysis reports or add a dedicated analyst to your license

If you'd like to get as much out of Extellio as possible there are two excellent ways:

Your own dedicated analyst

Add a Dedicted analyst to your license. It's the best way to get as much out of Extellio as possible. Here are a couple of examples of what you'll get:

  • Customer success support when you need it
  • Personal training sessions
  • Help with data collection strategy
  • Help with setting up new surveys
  • Analysis of your data*

* See terms below


What to expect of a dedicated analyst


Our analysts have years of experience within the market research field. They will be able to help you ask the right questions in our surveys. Need tips on what to do next? Need help with finding the smartest trigger for your purpose? Need suggestions on how to reach a certain target group? Your analyst will be there to help you.


Our analysts will be able to help you set up heatmaps, session recordings, useful segments, funnels, automated reports, and much more on Extellio. Ask for the service you need and lean back.  


They say that education is essential. With our dedicated analyst bundle, you’ll have access to the training you need to get started for real with our platform. An initial one-hour training session to get through all aspects of the Extellio platform is a good start to your journey towards clear and actionable insights!


Not sure how to interpret your data? Need help finding the most interesting segments, problem areas, and conclusions? Simply book a meeting with your analyst, and they'll be happy to help you.


Our Dedicated analyst bundle is available for yearly subscriptions and is limited to a set number of hours depending on the license plan. Meetings with your analyst are online or via phone.


Analysis reports & sessions

We have several PowerPoint reports to offer you. Your data will be analyzed by one of our experienced analysts. A video presentation is always included.

    • Would you like a thorough analysis of all your data? Choose the standard report.
    • What about investigating user journeys for a specific target group? Get the persona report.
    • Like to evaluate a campaign? Select the campaign report.
    • Only need help to figure out problem areas with your website? Get the problem area report.
    • Want an interactive session in our platform with one of our analysts? Buy an analysis session.

Please note! This is not the same thing as our automated reports, that are build into our platform.