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Extellio is greater than the sum of its parts!
All our products work great on a stand-alone basis, but combining them will give you much deeper insights about your users and your website.
You'll see:
  • What actions your potential customers perform
  • Which pages users with a specific intent visit
  • How a specific target group clicks and scrolls a page
  • Which personas convert on which goals
  • Recordings based on user intent
and much, much more...

You can try it out for yourself in the interactive demo.


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All in one

All your data in one platform
Everything in one place! It's convenient and with the added benefit of more analysis depth.

100% compliant

All data is stored in the EU. Strict policies and routines are in place. No need to worry about Schrems II or III.


Clear and actionable insights
Track KPIs that you can use. Get your priorities right and get everyone on the same page.

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