How to use surveys to improve your website

Surveys are a powerful tool to improve your website. They tell you a lot more about your visitors than analytics does. Use them to find out who your visitors are, their relation to you, what they want to acheive, if they think they succeed, if it was easy or hard, what they think about your navigation, and much more. Below are some basic guidelines based on the role your website plays in your business.

For supporting websites

Websites that support the business and serve mostly as a display window to let visitors find you and understand who you are:

  • Who your main visitor groups are
  • What the main intents are
  • User comments about you website
  • And a few more things...
For important websites

Websites that have a clear role in your business, the customer journey and other stakeholder relations, e.g job search:

  • What the main intents are per user group
  • What different user groups fail to achieve
  • Why visitors fail on your web
  • And some other things...
For critical websites/apps

Websites that are an integral part of your business and contain critical functions, like sales, customer support, or value delivery:

  • Detailed intents per user group
  • Why diffrerent user goups fail on your web
  • The experience of conversion journeys
  • And a lot more...

Get insights that improve your business

Extellio surveys empower you to:
✔︎ Improve user experience and convert more leads
✔︎ Interact better with existing customers
✔︎ Build loyalty with job applicants
✔︎ Build tailored user experiences
✔︎ And much more...
✔︎ Everything without intruding on visitor privacy

Extellio surveys give you better insights

✓ High response rates ensure data volume
✓ Proven templates and smart settings ensure data quality
✓ A powerful analysis engine uncovers insights
✓ Custom reports get the right data to the right stakeholders
✓ Custom survey design to align with your brand


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“I like that we have our own contact person who got to know us and IF Metall, and thus followed the development and can give advice based on results and insights.”

Elisabeth Ekström, Web manager - IF Metall

" It gives us a set of KPIs that are easy to understand and follow up."

Jonas Lindblom, Global Digital Marketing Manager - Roxtec -

"Great analytics tool, being able to see and cross-evaluate data even with custom dimensions. Good personal support with setting up surveys."

Anonymous user, Extellio customer survey

"Extellio provides us with great insights about user needs and recommendations for website improvements."

Magnus Burén, Web development manager - Alfa Laval

“Great tool that helps us understand what the users want and need in an easy way”

Elsa Lidholm, Senior specialist Web & Digital Marketing - Circle K

Many high-quality responses give solid conclusions

Smart triggers, survey logic and proven templates ensure many and good responses since the right person gets the right question at the right time.


A powerful analysis engine to uncover insights

Clear and versatile graphs make sure you can focus on the big picture. Powerful segmentation lets you drill down and get the details you need to act with confidence.


Share insights and get everyone on the same page

Create custom automated reports for different stakeholders and make sure everyone is up to date on your users' profiles, experiences, intents, and issues.

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Extellio is compliant and future proof

You have full control over privacy settings. All data is stored in Europe, without US affiliations. Your data is yours - we won't use it in any way.
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Surveys for different purposes

For different tasks you need different tools. We have different kinds of surveys for different purposes.

General surveys

Get an overview of your users and their experience with a general survey. Use it to monitor overall satisfaction over time.

Response rate 2-10%. 

Targeted surveys

Pinpoint a selected user group to investigate their experience or a user flow with a targeted survey.

Response rate 15-40%.

Feedback buttons

Find and solve urgent issues on specific pages with a feedback button.

User triggered

Custom styles and designs

You have a choice in style for your survey on Extellio. It can be a popup, a model, or embedded. You can create a classic survey with radio buttons or set it up as a quiz and of course, you can style colors and other design elements.

Ensure valuable insights 

Add onboarding or support to your license. Get a customer success manager and lean back.

If this feels overwhelming you might need someone to get you started. Our analysts are experts on surveys. Add some human support to your license plan.


Onboarding, support & analysis services

Complete the picture

Combine surveys with analytics, heatmaps, and recordings

When you combine surveys and website analytics, you can focus on the visitors that matter to you. 

Filter your analytics data through a survey segment. For example, look solely at visitors that intended to buy something. What paths did they take? Did they end up on the correct pages?

Filter your survey data with an analytics segment. For example, look at everyone that completed an event. How satisfied were they with their visit? What did they struggle with?

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