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It's greater than the sum of its parts!

When you have data from several sources it opens up a whole new way to understand your users and their journeys.

Add surveys to analytics

Focus on your target groups' behaviour
Filter analytics data based on surveys and:
  • See which pages users with a specific intent visit
  • See what actions your potential customers perform
  • See how your different personas navigate your website

Add analytics to surveys

See who performs which actions and why
Filter survey responses based on analytics and:
  • See which personas convert on which goals
  • Get a profile for people that come from campaigns
  • Investigate the experience of those who didn't convert
  • Understand user intent based on channels

Add surveys to heatmaps & recordings

See the actions of your target groups
Filter heatmaps and recordings based on surveys and:
  • See how a specific target group clicks and scrolls a page
  • See recordings based on user intent
  • See recordings of users who fail in their tasks

Be compliant without sacrificing detail

You have full control over privacy settings. All data is stored in Europe, without US affiliations. Your data is yours - we won't use it in any way
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General Data Privacy Regulation

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Personal Data Protection Bill

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California Consumer Privacy Act

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Privacy Bill Initiative

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Brazilian General Data Privacy Law

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New Zealand Privacy Bill

More about compliance

Add a dedicated Customer Success Manager

Our Customer Success Managers are analysts with years of experience in analyzing websites. They know how to set up the most interesting measuring points. We offer two affordable packages - one for onboarding and one for continuous analysis and support. 


Dedicated analyst bundle and other analysis services

Extellio is intuitive and advanced

Extellio’s interface is designed for effortless navigation. One of our customers described it as “so much easier to use than Google Analytics.” If you’re a super user, there are a lot of advanced features for you, and they don’t stand in the way of the intuitive interface.


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