Investigate user behavior with heatmaps & session recordings

Heatmaps - an overview of clicks and scrolls

How far do people scroll on your web pages? Where do they click? What content are they engaging with? Heatmaps will show you. A heatmap is a colorized mapping of a section of your website that indicates which content is "hot" and which is not.

On Extellio, you can set up as many heatmaps as you’d like (if you're on a paid plan). You can then sort out data based on survey segments. Do different target groups have different patterns of user behavior?

A heatmap of your website will also show the right spot to put your most valuable content.

If you want to rework a webpage, heatmaps are perfect to analyze clicks, especially buttons and links. Creating an A/B-test for your website? Use heatmaps to analyze the outcome.


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HubSpot Video

A heatmap from our old E-Space website

HubSpot Video

A session recording from our old E-Space website

Session recordings - detailed user behavior

If you want to know exactly how visitors behave on your site, session recordings provide a crystal clear picture. They’re screen recordings of visitors' website visits. You can see how visitors go from page to page, where they click on your menus, and how long they stay to read different texts.

Do not worry — session recordings don’t show any keystrokes or other personal information. You can choose to record specific sections of your website or the whole thing. Session recordings offer close-up views of user behavior and are a perfect way to analyze user journeys. Combine session recordings with survey segments to sort out recordings of visitors outside your target group.


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