Use heatmaps and session recordings to visualise user behaviour

Heatmaps will show you what people click on, how they move the mouse cursor, and how they scroll.
Session recordings let you follow individual user journeys, like a film.

See what buttons and links people interact with
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See which content users interact with and how

See how visitors behave when trying to navigate and use functionality

How to use visual tools to improve your website

Heatmaps let you see how visitors engage and interact with the content on one page, in terms of clicks, cursor moves, and scroll on different deveices. That can be very helpful when you decide which content to place where.

Session recordings let you follow individual user journeys on different devices, like a film. That can be very helpful when you try to uncover how people move on your site, which content they interact with, where they get stuck, and why. 

For supporting websites

Websites that support the business and serve mostly as a display window to let visitors find you and understand who you are

Use heatmaps on these pages:
  • Start page
  • Main product/offer page
  • Contact page 
Use session recordings on your entire website to see:
  • How people navigate on your site
  • How they interact with content
  • Where they get stuck, and clues to why
For important websites

Websites that have a clear role in your business, the customer journey and other stakeholder relations, e.g job search.

Use heatmaps on these pages:
  • As on supporting websites
  • Careers page
  • Landing pages
  • And potentially other important pages...
Use session recordings on the most important pages on your website to see:
  • How key user groups navigate on your site
  • How key user groups interact with content
  • Where key user groups get stuck, and clues to why
For critical websites/apps

Websites that are an integral part of your business and contain critical functions, like sales, customer support, or value delivery.

Use heatmaps on these pages:
  • As on important websites
  • Pages in critical flows
  • Pages with critical functionality
  • And any other importans pages

Use session recordings on all subsections of your site to see:
  • How each user group navigate on your site
  • How each user group interact with content and features, e.g. product finder, check-out, and sign-up
  • Where each user group gets stuck, and clues to why

Visual insights that improve your business

Extellio visual tools empower you to:
✔︎ Place your content to maximise visibility
✔︎ Choose content with high engagement
✔︎ Optimize mobile and desktop experience
✔︎ Smoothen customer journeys
✔︎ Optimize landing pages for more conversions
✔︎ And a lot more...


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Extellio heatmaps have you covered

 ✔︎ Segmentation based on analytics or surveys
 ✔︎ Compliant & privacy focused
 ✔︎ Easy to set up
 ✔︎ All data stored in the EU (Sweden)


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“I like that we have our own contact person who got to know us and IF Metall, and thus followed the development and can give advice based on results and insights.”

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" It gives us a set of KPIs that are easy to understand and follow up."

Jonas Lindblom, Global Digital Marketing Manager - Roxtec -

"Great analytics tool, being able to see and cross-evaluate data even with custom dimensions. Good personal support with setting up surveys."

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"Extellio provides us with great insights about user needs and recommendations for website improvements."

Magnus Burén, Web development manager - Alfa Laval

“Great tool that helps us understand what the users want and need in an easy way”

Elsa Lidholm, Senior specialist Web & Digital Marketing - Circle K

A new point of view with Extellio session recordings

 ✔︎ Segmentation based on analytics or surveys
 ✔︎ Compliant & privacy focused
 ✔︎ Easy to set up
 ✔︎ All data stored in the EU (Sweden)


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Extellio is compliant and future proof

You have full control over privacy settings. All data is stored in Europe, without US affiliations. Your data is yours - we won't use it in any way.


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 New Zealand Privacy Bill


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What visual tools won't tell you

Heatmaps and session recordings are very useful but only show you certain aspects of visitor behaviour. The former gives you single snapshots of several visitors' clicks and scrolls and the latter only shows one visitor's behaviour at a time. 

To get the most out of them you need to know more about the visitors you're observing. The trick is to segment your visual data based on other behaviour (analytics) and/or survey data.


Complete the picture with analytics and surveys

When you combine heatmaps and recordings with surveys and analytics, you can look at the journeys of the visitors that matter to you. 

  • Filter your heatmaps with a survey segment. For example, look solely at visitors that intended to buy something. Where did they click?
  • Look only at the session recordings for people that didn't convert. How did they move around? What stopped them on the way?

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