Track without cookies

You can have your cookie and eat it too.
Track people who turn down cookies in a totally GDPR-compliant way. 

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Custom events & funnels

✓ Build funnels
✓ Follow user journeys
✓ Track custom events
✓ Set up conversion goals


Advanced features

✓ A/B testing
✓ Crash reports
✓ E-commerce analysis
✓ Form interaction analysis
✓ Media interaction analysis

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Why not just go with Google Analytics?

Well, it's complicated, but there are legal reasons as well.

If you've tried Google Analytics 4, you know it's complicated. Apart from that Google Analytics keeps getting banned and unbanned in the EU. The reason is the ever-changing status of the USA as a safe country for storing personal data. It has been deemed safe by the EU Commission several times, just to be deemed unsafe by the EU Court of Justice in the famous Schrems I and Schrems II verdicts.

Currently, the EU Commission has introduced a third exception for the USA. However, it will be challenged in the EU Court of Justice in 2024 and it's likely that once again Google Analytics and other US-based digital services will be illegal in the EU.


Get up to speed on the latest GDPR developments

Be compliant without sacrificing detail

You have full control over privacy settings. All data is stored in Europe, without US affiliations. Your data is yours - we won't use it in any way
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General Data Privacy Regulation

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Personal Data Protection Bill

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California Consumer Privacy Act

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Privacy Bill Initiative

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Brazilian General Data Privacy Law

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New Zealand Privacy Bill

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What analytics won't tell you

Analytics shows what people do, not why

Analytics will basically tell you how your users behave, whare they come from, and some more technical info. That's crucial information for web analysis, but it's not the complete picture. Be careful not to confuse behaviour with experience.

Turn faceless numbers into real people

Combine analytics and surveys

In the Extellio platform, you can connect your analytics data with survey data. That means you can segment your analytics data on, for example:

  • Potential customers

  • Visitors that aimed to buy but failed

  • Visitors that didn’t succeed

  • Your personas and other target groups

You can also use heatmaps and session recordings to dig deep into user behaviour.


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What's inside?

Extellio analytics is based on the privacy-focused open-source software Matomo. We have made several improvements to the original to increase performance and to enable the cross-analysis of surveys, heatmaps and session recordings. We host everything in Sweden and not in the Matomo cloud.