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With accessible insights, it's easier to agree on priorities.  With Extellio you'll work closer together towards the same goals.
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Align priorities

Let data set priorities. It's much easier to agree on what's needed when gut feelings and opinions are minimized. To be able to say "this is what the data says" is a great relief. 

Get more active customers

Extellio will give your customers accessible insights that are easy to understand. They will want you to act on them. 

Work with better specifications

It's time to turn that faceless numbers into real people! You'll know who the real users are, what they want, and what they do before you start developing

Back up your expertise with data

Extellio will give you a framework of KPIs for developing the best possible websites and apps for your customers. You'll know more about users and be able to apply your design skills much more effectively. You'll even be able to evaluate how your work improves user experience and conversion for different target groups.

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There's no magic. All you need to deepen your analysis and user understanding is here. Everything is connected in one analysis engine that gives you the KPIs you need to prioritize and communicate better.

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As an Extellio partner, you'll build better relationships with your customers. You get training, support, and kickback. Just contact us below for more details.

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