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The KPIs you need

The right KPIs are essential when managing a website. They let you monitor, analyse, and improve continuously - and to convince stakeholders.

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Know what to focus on

When you manage a website, everyone has an opinion. To be able to say "this is what the data says" is a great relief. 

Get stakeholders on board

Rely on easily explainable facts when you present your priorities to stakeholders. With Extellio it's much easier to get everyone to agree on what needs to be done. It works much better than gut feeling. 

Get to know your users

It's time to turn that faceless numbers into real people! Who are your visitors and what are the aims with their visits? 

Compare yourself to your peers

In your industry, are you better than average? Compare yourself to an average of your industry. The index is available for our standard measurements - success rate, satisfaction, and Net Promoter Score.

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There is no magic, just a good platform that helps you succeed. It has everything you need to deepen your analysis and user understanding. 

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