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GRPR Update

The new EU-US Privacy Framework and what it might mean

This summer was indeed eventful. First, the Swedish Data Protection practically banned Google Analytics as it violated GDPR, making Sweden the fifth EU country to go down that route. Then, a week later, the European Commission announced its decision that the US could now provide an adequate level of data protection and introduced the EU-US Data Privacy Framework. 

But does that mean that you can use Google Analytics again? Probably, but not necessarily. In this article, we’ll explain why.

Analytics, surveys, heatmaps, recordings...

- Do you need them all?

As much as you may want to measure everything, it's not always possible. Budget limitations may come in the way and force you to prioritize. However, if you're new to analyzing websites or using services such as Extellio, you may not know what is most important to measure for your needs.

In this article, we'll explain the different website analysis tools, what insights they'll give you, and a use case example.

How many survey responses do you need?

There are a lot of questions you can have about survey responses. Are you receiving enough? Do you need more? Are you receiving fewer than expected? Or do you even have too much data?

The short answer to all those questions is "It depends", but even so, we have done our best to answer them below.

Can you use Google Analytics in Sweden?

Did the IMY practically ban Google Analytics in July 2023?

In July 2023, the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection (IMY) ruled that four Swedish companies had to stop using Google Analytics as they could not sufficiently protect personal information. Does this mean that Google Analytics is banned in Sweden? What about GA4? And how does the new EU-US Data Privacy Framework affect the situation? We try to sort things out for you.

GDPR and Google Analytics

In the fight between GDPR and Google Analytics, GDPR is winning

The rulings against Google, particularly Google Analytics have so far reached Austria, France, Italy, and Denmark.

We have sorted all the different concepts for you: GDPR, Shrems ||, Privacy Shield, and Trans-Atlantic data privacy framework.

What is cookieless tracking?

We tell you all about the popular trend

Extellio offers GDPR-compliant cookieless tracking. But what is it and how does it work? Is it really tracking? 

This article sorts out different concepts like fingerprinting technique, browser fingerprinting and why Extellio's cookieless tracking is way better than Google Analytics. 

10 secrets for crafting a great web survey!

Things to think about when asking users questions

Asking questions is a form of art. It’s especially true when you’re surveying users. Website surveys need to not only ask the right questions but be short and easy to answer. Here are 10 secrets to creating a survey that gets the data you need with the smoothest possible experience!

Success scores in different industries

Find score and industry benchmarks

What is the user success score (find score), what does it mean, and how does the industry benchmark work?

Why do my users behave like that?

Understanding users' experience to improve conversions

Interpreting website data isn’t easy. It’s even harder to translate it into actions that get results. If you want insights that go beyond guesswork, you need to understand how your users’ behavior relates to the important aspects of your site. It’s the key to improving your UX and conversions.