Getting started

How complicated is it to set up and start using Extellio?

It’s easy. You just need to implement a script on your website. There are instructions on how to do it within the platform. Once the Extellio script is implemented, you effortlessly begin using our insight-generating features. You can quickly get started with surveys, for example, because we have survey templates with pre-written questions for most industries.

Can I use a Tag Manager to implement the script?

Yes, any Tag manager will work.

Will my users immediately see the surveys when I implement the script on my website?

No, you have to first publish a survey via the Extellio platform before your website users can see it.


Why do I need surveys?

Surveys are essential to understanding how people experience your website. You’ll find out if they’re satisfied or struggling, and hear directly what they think. 

Learn why and how to use our different surveys to gain insights! 

Isn’t it just angry people who answer website surveys?

Definitely not. For the most part, survey respondents are neutral. Although, if you’re having any technical problems with your website, there’s likely to be a higher share of negative feedback.

What’s the average response rate?

Response rates for surveys differ a lot depending on the settings, brand, and type of survey. For our general surveys, the response rate is around 5-15%. Embedded targeted surveys are usually answered by around 25-40%.

Won’t surveys be distracting to my website visitors?

You can make sure to exclude a survey from any pages that might distract your visitors . We provide a range of settings to make sure surveys won’t negatively impact your website visitors, such as: how often to show a survey and when to show the survey. The Extellio platform has recommended standard settings, so you don’t have to think too much about it (if you don’t want to).

What types of surveys do you offer?

We have surveys in a variety of different designs and for a multitude of different purposes.

Learn the wide range of surveys you can use with Extellio.

What survey languages do you support?

Out of the box, we support the following survey languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and Finnish.

If you'd like to use Extellio surveys in another language, just let us know and we'll add more languages.

Can I pause a survey?

Yes, it’s easy to pause a survey on the Extellio platform. You don’t need to remove the script. You can also schedule start and end dates for all your surveys on Extellio. 

Can you help create my surveys?

Extellio comes with a variety of survey templates that cover most industries. If you need help creating unique surveys for specific purposes,  you can sign up for your very own dedicated analyst to help you phrase your questions and fine-tune your survey settings.

Read more about our analysis services.

Are your surveys adapted for web accessibility?

Yes, Extellio’s surveys are designed according to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Level AA. They are easy to answer with the tab key and can be closed with the ESC key.

Web analytics powered by Matomo

What is Matomo?

Matomo is an open-source web analytics software that’s 100% GDPR-compliant, which we used to build the Extellio website analytics system. Read more about Matomo on its official website

Does Extellio’s website analytics track any personal data?

No, it doesn’t. Users’ IP numbers are anonymized. You can learn more on our privacy policy page.

How is Extellio's analytics different from Google Analytics?

Firstly, it’s 100% GDPR-compliant. Secondly, Matomo doesn’t sample data, it collects and shows all data. Google Analytics, on the other hand, collects a sample of your real data and will show you an average of that sampled data.

Can I import data from Google Analytics to Extellio's web analytics?

Yes. This is included in all paid plans. Although if you’re on our free plan, the data can be imported for a one-time fee. Please contact us to find out more.

What are heatmaps and session recordings?

Both heatmaps and session recordings are recordings of your visitors' movements on your website. Don’t worry. Neither show you any user’s personal data. Things like keystrokes or form entries are not visible.

Read more about heatmaps and session recordings.

Is Extellio Analytics GDPR-compliant?

Yes it is.

Why is Extellio's web analytics free?

We believe all website owners should have access to GDPR-compliant analytics. It’s just one of the puzzlepieces for gaining UX insights, but an essential one. Of course, we also want you to discover thepowerful insights you can get using the Extellio features that are available through our paid plans.

Find out more on our pricing page. 

Will Extellio use my analytics data in any way?

Unlike many other services or platforms, we will never use your analytics data to make money. It may, however, be used anonymously to calculate benchmarks for improving our services.

I already have website analytics. Can I still use Extellio?

Definitely. There are no issues with running two analytics software programs on a website. We have many clients that use both Extellio and other analytics in parallel.

Can I use Extellio without implementing the analytics feature?

Yes, you can use Extellio for just the surveys if you’d like. You’ll be missing out on some great insights, but there is still a lot you can do with only survey data.

Licensing plans & pricing

Do I need a credit card to sign up for Extellio’s Free licensing plan?

No, you don’t need a credit card.

Can I pay for Extellio on a monthly basis?

Yes, you can. But paying yearly will save you money.

Can I upgrade my Extellio license plan later?

Yes, it’s possible to upgrade your plan at any time.

A license covers one website. How do you define a website?

A website can include several country-code/language TLDs or subdirectories.

Can I have several websites in one account?

Yes, you can, but most clients don't need it. All country/language versions of a website are included in one license, even if they're on separate TLDs. It's only for unique domain names that you need to add more websites.

Premium & add-on services

Can you help me analyze my data?

Yes! We have a couple of options to help our clients analyze their data. With a dedicated analyst, you’ll get your very own dedicated analyst that can help you analyze your data within active video calls. You can also purchase several analysis reports, which are thoroughly performed and compiled by Extellio.

Read more about the dedicated analyst option and reports. 


What are the benefits of having a dedicated analyst?

You’ll have access to your own Extellio analyst, who can help you with:

  • Creating smart surveys for specific purposes
  • Training on the platform
  • Setting up useful segments, heatmaps, session recordings, funnels, and automated reports
  • Analyzing your data through interactive sessions

Learn more about Extellio’s dedicated analysts.

How many hours of support/analysis will I get from a dedicated analyst?

The amount of hours is limited to your Extellio licensing plan. Please take a look at our pricing page to find out how many yearly hours would be available under your plan.

Can I have a dedicated analyst with the Free plan?

No, dedicated analysts are only available for the Starter, Standars, and Deep Insights licensing plans.

Can I pay for an Extellio analyst by the hour?

Yes, if you have a paid plan and the dedicated analyst bundle and need more support/analysis hours, you can pay for an analyst by the hour. Please contact us for details.

Platform & features

The Extellio platform seems like it can do a lot. Is it very complicated?

No, it’s easy to use. Many comments from clients have referred to it as “very intuitive” and ”so much easier to use than Google Analytics.” There are a lot of advanced features for a super user, but they don’t stand in the way of the intuitive interface. We also have plenty of guides on the platform, both video files and PDFs.

Is there a limit to how many users we can have on Extellio?

No, you can add as many users as you want to Extellio.

How do I share the data with the rest of my organization?

On the Extellio platform, you’ll find an automated reports feature, which is a perfect way to share results with your colleagues. The reports are sent out as PDFs and recipients don’t need a login. Also, all graphs are available for download as PNG images, and all free-text comments as an Excel file.

GDPR & personal data

Which is the legal entity behind Extellio

Extellio is a service and brand operated by Extellio International  AB, incorporated in Sweden.

Does Extellio collect personal data from respondents?

In general, all survey respondents are anonymous, and we don’t store any of their personal data. However, sometimes respondents leave personal data in survey free-text answers and, in such a case, we exchange it for generic labels like ”NAME” or “PHONE NUMBER”. In certain instances, the respondent can ask to be contacted by the client or Extellio. In such a case, their personal data is stored with their consent in order to carry out the request. For more information, see our Privacy policy.

How does Extellio handle personal data?

We handle all personal data according to GDPR. See Extellio's Privacy policy for more information.

Who is responsible for respondents' personal data?

Normally the client and Extellio International AB enter into a PDA agreement whereby the client is the data controller and Extellio is the data processor. In such a case, the respondents' data are handled according to the customer's privacy policy.

Sometimes Extellio is the personal data controller for data collected from respondents. In that case, the data is collected and handled according to Extellio's Privacy policy.

Who has access to respondents’ personal data?

In a case where the client is the personal data controller, both the client and Extellio (as the personal data processor) can access the data.

In a case where Extellio is the personal data controller, the client cannot access respondents' personal data.

Data management & security

How does Extellio connect to my website?

The platform uses a script that you implement on your website. Once there, it lets you control all Extellio features from our online platform.

How does Extellio store and manage data?

We store all data on servers in Sweden. For more information see our data management overview.

Can we host the script ourselves?

Yes, you can. However, you will lose the possibility to control the script directly from the Extellio platform, meaning that you’ll have to exchange the script on your website when you want to change the settings of your surveys, like the triggers or the design.

What security measures are in place?

Please see our data management overview.

How do I access Extellio's API?

Contact us for the API keys.