Create personas from actual user data

As a UX professional, you're used to consulting your gut feeling when creating personas. What if you could get support for your hypotheses from a survey? What if you could find out how the different personas feel when using your product or website, what their needs are, what information level they have, and what they're lacking? With Extellio you'll know.  

Get a deeper analysis of user behavior

Examine user behavior on a much deeper level by combining data from surveys, heatmaps, and analytics.
For example, you can:

  • Look at the behaviour of a specific target group. How do potential customers behave compared to existing customers?
  • Examine user journeys for visitors that converted compared to those who didn't.

Get better hypotheses to test

Combining the results from surveys, analytics, recordings, and heatmaps will give you a solid foundation for your analysis. You will have fewer and better hypotheses to test. You'll be able to predict how a certain change will affect different user groups behaviour and experience.

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There is no magic, just a good platform that helps you succeed. It has everything you need to deepen your analysis and user understanding. 

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