Privacy by design

Compliant around the globe

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General Data Privacy Regulation

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Personal Data Protection Bill

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California Consumer Privacy Act

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Privacy Bill Initiative

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Brazilian General Data Privacy Law

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New Zealand Privacy Bill

Built for privacy

Maximum data set with preserved user privacy
  • You have full control over privacy settings
  • Extellio anonymizes all data
  • Your data is stored in the EU, with no US affiliations
  • State-of-the-art legal and security framework
  • You own your data - we won't use or share it in any way

Track users anonymously

All the data you need, without intruding on privacy

Our analytics is designed for privacy. We anonymize all IP numbers and any other identifiers to avoid any collection of personal data. Also, you can customize tracking and cookie settings to meet regulations around the globe. Of course, we offer cookie-less tracking. We host all data on servers in Sweden.

See what users see, without observing them

Heatmaps & session recordings are anonymous

Heatmaps and recordings are configured to avoid collecting personal data. Forms and other sensitive elements are masked automatically and if need be, you can hide anything on the pages from being recorded. 

Listen to users without identifying them

By default, all of Extellio’s user surveys are 100% anonymous

In case respondents leave personal information in free-text comments, we identify and mask it. If they want to be contacted by you, proper consents are in place. This ensures that no user’s personal data is handled, stored, or shared without proper consent. We host all the survey data in the EU, specifically Sweden.

Your data is safe

  • Our security policies and procedures are continously followed up, monitored, and updated to ensure solid and up-to-date security for your data.
  • We have a systematic legal, procedural, and technical framework for management of personal data
  • We store data on secure data centers located in Sweden (ElastX)
  • We don't transfer personal data to any country outside the EU

All data stays in the EU

We make sure not to use suppliers and partners that could potentially send any respondent data to the United States or anywhere else outside the European Union. And unlike many of our competitors, we don’t use any of your or your users’ information for our own benefit.