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GDPR compliant surveys

By default, all of Extellio’s user surveys are 100% anonymous for respondents. However, they still sometimes, against explicit instructions not to, leave personal information in free-text comments. So, we've created an intelligent automated system that identifies and masks any potential personal data. It ensures that no user’s personal data is handled, stored, or shared in violation of GDPR.

We also host all the survey data within the European Union, specifically Sweden.

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GDPR compliant analytics

We host Extellio’s analytics data on servers in Sweden. Our analytics is built on Matomo, a safe and privacy-focused alternative to Google Analytics. We anonymize all IP numbers and any other identifiers to avoid any collection of personal data.

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Your data stays in the EU

We make sure not to use a single supplier that could potentially send any respondent data to the United States or anywhere else outside the European Union. And unlike many of our competitors, we don’t use any of your or your users’ data for our own benefit. We won't use it for anything at all (unless you ask us to create magnificent customized reports, that is).