Our story


In 1998, a couple of friends decided to start a tech company. It was the height of the dot-com boom, later known for going bust. The company was named E-Space, which nowadays might sound like it has something to do with outer space. It didn’t. But back in the ’90s, it was a great name.

As time went by E-Space evolved into more of a consultincg company with tech, specialising in evaluating websites. A very appreciated service, but expensive as it required quite a few man hours.

Fast forward to 2018. By that time we realized we needed an extreme makeover. Our services, originating from the company’s launch in the 90s, were becoming a bit outdated. They also required a lot of tedious and manual work. We wanted to build something more modern. We wanted to digitalize everything that our clients valued with our services and add the things that we thought lacked in the other tools on the market. With our experience form website analysis it wasn't that hard to make a wish list. The first point said "combine all analysis tools into one".

We also decided that we wanted to be more than just an online app and keep a personal relationship for those customers who wanted it. Outstanding customer success, personified by our top-notch analysts, was giong to be one of our hallmarks.

It took a few years but today, we have achieved those aims from 2018 and surpassed them. So, we’ve obviously set new and higher ones for the future. In 2022, we decided to step away from the name E-Space to mark our transformation to an upgraded product and improved capabilities. The name Extellio is a combination of the words Experience, Intelligence, and Tell. During this process we got some support from the EU (read more here)

As Extellio, our mission is to provide the best possible insights about a website and its users. We do this by combining all available sources of UX data, alongside both artificial and human intelligence, to create one integrated service. Our client’s insights have to be meaningful, valuable, and actionable. They need to help improve user experience, enhance customer journeys, and increase conversion.