Analysis reports & analysis sessions

pfd report

Our reports are great if you'd like to get a great analysis of your Extellio data. We have different types depending on what you'd like to find out.
Reports and analysis sessions are only available if you're on a paid plan with Extellio.
To order a report, contact your favorite person at Extellio, or click the button below.


Standard report

In short: A thorough analysis of all your survey data

For whom: Any web team that lacks time to analyze their data

What’s included: 3 segments, Visitor overview, Satisfaction & Loyalty, Problem analysis, Website analysis, Recommendations for improvement of website, Video call presentation

This is a big report that basically covers everything you need to know. In our standard analysis reports we make a thorough analysis of your data, categorize all your free text comments, and focus on problem areas for specific user groups – and how to solve them. The reports are made in Power Point, and the data is presented in a crisp and modern, yet structured way. The report consists of four bigger elements: 1) Overview of the visitors 2) Satisfaction and loyalty 3) Problem analysis 4) Website analysis 5) Recommendations and insights

The first part is an overview where we look at all visitors – who they are and what they’re looking for. In the second part we look at your KPI’s for all visitors and for segments of your choice. In the problem analysis we take a close look at if users succeed with their purposes and what they don’t succeed in doing. We also look closer at the segments you have chosen - what their aims are and where they fail. After this we gather all your problem areas and take a close look at what the visitors are saying about their problems with your website. Then we create website user journeys – where we look at your website through the eyes of the visitors. This leads to recommendations for improvement of your website. In the end we summarize the report in main insights.
If you have website analytics connected to Extellio this is added in the report, but it’s limited to the segments you choose.

PRICE: 3000 €

Persona/user journey report

In short: The user journey of 1 segment

For whom: When you’d like to find out more about your target group with focus on their behavior and thoughts

What’s included: 1 segment and a deep analysis of this segments user journey, Problem areas, Events, Heatmaps, Session recordings, Categorized free text comments, Video call presentation

You pick a group with certain attributions. It could be your existing customers or your potential customers within a certain industry, all that performed a specific action/event or people from a certain country with a specific purpose (options are limited to your survey and web traffic data).
Now we add a lot of data to your persona. We focus on their user journey and combine that with survey data. Who they are, what pages they visit, what their primary purposes are, how long they stay on your website, how often they visit your website, how well they succeed with their visit goals, what they think about their user journey. We find their problem areas and combine this with specific heatmaps and session recordings for the user group only. In the end you’ll get a wide image of your persona, how well they succeed and what their needs are.
Requires website analytics with Extellio, preferably with Events set up.

PRICE: 900 €

Campaign evaluation report

In short: An evaluation of 1 campaign

For whom: When you’d like to use both survey and web analytics data to evaluate a campaign

What’s included: Visitor overview, KPI’s, Problem areas, Events, Heatmaps, Session recordings, Categorized free text comments, Video call presentation

NB! Requires large campaigns

With one of your campaigns as a starting point we dig deep into the data of these visitors. We cross the traditional website data with our survey data to find out who they are, what they think about your website, if they have any issues, what their user journeys looked like and how many events they did. We add some session recordings to look at user behavior and summarize the campaign from our perspective. Funnels are used to describe their user journeys and to evaluate your goals with the campaign.
We’ll deliver a good understanding of who visited your campaign, their user journeys and how well the campaign performed.
Requires website analytics with Extellio, preferably with Events set up.

PRICE: 800 €

Problem area report

In short: A summary of the problem areas of your website

For whom: Anyone that needs help to prioritize changes on their website

What’s included: Find score, Problem areas for different Roles & Purposes, Categorized free text comments, Video call presentation

Optional: Include website cases and recommendations for website improvement for a full analysis

This report focuses only on the problem areas with your website. The Find Score is the starting point, we look at how well different respondents are succeeding on your website based on roles and purposes. We look at the free-text comments and what the biggest issues with your website are.
Add website cases and recommendations if you’d like us to investigate why you have these problem areas and how you can solve them.

PRICE: 600 €/ 1500 € including web cases & recommendations

Quarterly pdf report with analysis

In short: Analysis of your survey data, delivered quarterly

For whom: When you need a regular, lighter analysis of your data

What’s included: 3 segments, KPI’s, Categorized free text comments, Summary, Video call presentation

This is a lighter PDF report which we create from our tool where our analysts go through your data, write comments, and create a short summary in the end of the report. It is perfect if you lack time to go through your data every month. You can choose to add if you’d like us to categorize all your free-text comments as well, to get graphs of your biggest problem areas.
You get to choose what graphs you want in the report, and which segments you’d like to have.


PRICE: 500 €/ quarter

Analysis session

In short: Interactive session with one of our analysts in our platform

For whom: When you want the help of an analyst to look at interesting segments, problem areas, to draw conclusions

What’s included: 1 hour meeting, Categorized free text comments, PDF with graphs & comments

This is a one-hour interactive session with one of our analysts in the Extellio tool. You can choose to form this hour just as you’d like – look at specific segments, focus on a specific problem area, dig through the traffic data or do a combination of both. Or let us suggest a good arrangement. Opportunities are endless.

We prepare by categorizing your free text comments and go through your data to find interesting data points to show you.
The session is wrapped up by a simple pdf report with all the graphs we created and looked at during the session.

PRICE: 600 €