Beautiful and smart surveys for all purposes

Different formats


A survey that popups in it's own small windows. Will give you a higher response rate.


A layer that will make your visitors focus on your survey.


Embedded surveys are perfect for evaluation.

Functionality & design

Classic survey with a start page

Start pages are perfect if you have a more formal website.

Toggle buttons

A bit modern look of your survey, without a start page.

Quiz mode

Make it fun to answer surveys with quiz mode. Quiz mode will change to the next question immediately when an answer choice is marked.

Different purposes

General evaluation

Evaluate your website to prioritize among problem areas

Targeted audience

Target a specific audience

Embedded poll

Embedded surveys are perfect for evaluation of a process (such as purchasing, filling out forms, doing web training), or of content of specific pages. Try it out below! 



Available settings


Trigger survey on active time on website, clicks, buttons, visited pages.

Embedded surveys

You can also create an embedded survey with immediate triggering. 


Choose how often the survey should be shown – 1 time per month or more seldom?

Share of audience

How many should be exposed to the survey? Set share of audience to a percentage of your choice.

HubSpot Video

Smart questions

With surveys on Extellio, you can create follow-up questions based on how respondents answer. And you can use that functionality to create surveys with complex logic, which can lead to some profound revelations about your users. Ask a question to all people that answered alternative A in question 1 and alternative B in question 2. Or you can ask a question to all respondents that answered alternative A or B on question 1 and alternative C on question 2. The options are endless.