Advanced survey settings

Your survey should not stand in the way of your website visitors. Correct settings for when and where your survey will be visible are critical for a good user experience.




What to trigger your survey on

The right survey to the right user at the right time is essential for good results.

You can trigger your survey on

  • Time spent on your website
  • Visited pages
  • Buttons clicked
  • Events fulfilled

Immediate triggering

With an embedded survey

The embedded survey is perfect for the evaluation of flows or processes your visitors go through. It can be purchase flows, application processes, forms, or internal searches.

Survey display frequency

How often you should display your survey

Choose how often your survey should be displayed. One time per month and user or one time per year and user? It's your choice. You can also show your survey more often to visitors that didn't respond the first time. 

Share of audience

How many should be exposed to your survey

This depends a lot on how much traffic you have in general and, how many responses you need. If you want your result fast, set the audience to 100%. 

Smart questions

Obviously, we have follow-up questions based on how people answer. But you can make more complex logic than that. Ask a question to all people that answered alternative A in question 1 and alternative B in question 2. Or ask a question to all respondents that answered alternative A or B on question 1 and alternative C on question 2. Options are endless.