A survey for every occasion

For different tasks you need different tools. We have different kinds of surveys for different purposes.

General survey

The key to measuring long-term development

With a general survey, you set up KPIs to see how your website is doing. Identify satisfaction levels and get a straight view of visitor success. Get a clear picture of problem areas that need to be fixed for a higher success score. Understand what roles and expectations visitors have. Dig into segments to see if a certain type of visitor fails to a higher degree. 

Example of usage:

  • Get insights on how a relaunch affected your visitors. 

  • See what roles are having more trouble succeeding on your web.

  • See what tasks are hard to solve on your web. 


Targeted survey

Target a specific audience or evaluate a specific section

Targeted surveys as we call them, are perfect when you have a specific audience in mind. It can also be that you have a theory about a section of your website, say the career part, that you'd like to examine. A targeted survey is directed towards a part of your website. You also have the possibility to make the survey embedded on your actual website. 

Examples of use cases for targeted surveys:

  • Evaluate the internal search 

  • Evaluate the purchasing flow

  • Evaluate a flow a user need to go through

  • Evaluate if the information on specific pages are sufficient

Feedback survey

Instant feedback

A feedback survey is perfect if you recently made a relaunch and might have technical issues that need to be solved. It's very subtle and does not stand in the way of the interface of your website. 

Since the feedback survey is triggered by a click from the visitors it usually collects negative opinions because that's when a visitor is more willing to let you know things aren't working. 

Examples of usage for a feedback survey:

  • To comply with accessibility laws, there needs to be a place for disabled visitors to hand in feedback.

  • Evaluate information for certain pages

  • When it's critical that the website works

  • As a "contact-me" function

  • When you need a more subtle way of collecting feedback


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